Looking for more than just a tale of dragons?
Dragon Princess is a wonder weave of fantasy and who-done-it. [...]

Expanding my reach - easier said than done!


When I started on the small/self publishing route, I knew that it would be difficult to get myself known. Writing is easy, and enjoyable; marketing is harder. But we persevere! I look forward to connecting with more and more readers as time goes on!

I started my first novel, The Drifter​, in September of 2012. Since then, I've published a total of six books and two short stories, trying my hand at Fantasy, Paranormal fiction, and Sci-Fi. I also review books on my blog Beyond the Curtain of Reality.     



A father of four and a full-time teacher at a high school, writing is my creative passion of choice. Since I first put words to paper in 2012, I've been enthralled and enamored with the generative process, throttling through books as fast as the other things in my life allow, while still making time for my love, my boys, and my daughter!

My most recent novel is also my first Fantasy offering, Dragon Princess. Written from the perspective of a blind protagonist, it was a challenge and a thrill to work on; I hope to have the sequel to that book ready by next Winter.



Writing, gaming, reading, telling stories, teaching, playing goofy games with my kids, and nigh-eternal optimism.     

I'd like to share with you my most recent developments.

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Coronavirus sucks, but at least I'm writing!


As a schoolteacher, I'm very concerned about the safety of schools and the precautions being taken to keep students and staff healthy. But! With the extended "break" from actually going in to work, I've been able to get two novels into the editing process.

Urban Fantasy with believable characters.
Having just finished the excellent Chains of Prophecy[...]